Top Local Coffee Places in Auburn, AL

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If you’re visiting Auburn, Alabama, and love coffee, there are several coffee shops you can go to for a cup of joe. From shops with books to shops with pets, there’s a location for all coffee lovers. Some of these spots even sell delicious food or bags of coffee you can take home and brew yourself. Here are seven coffee shops in Auburn, Alabama, that you should check out.

The Coffee Cat

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The Coffee Cat is a perfect place to grab a cup of coffee with your furry friend. Yes, pets are allowed in this coffee shop, making it a great way to enjoy your morning coffee and say hello to a cat or dog while you’re at it. The interior of this shop is cozy and creative, with pieces of funky art and plants covering the walls. The shop’s environment plus its fluffy friends make for a great coffee experience.

The Coffee Cat is a great shop to stop at in Auburn, Alabama. Its menu boasts a large selection of coffee, espresso, and teas. The team of baristas can whip up a tasty latte or cold brew all while you say hello to a cat or dog.

Uniq Coffee

At Uniq Coffee, you’re likely to find a delicious cup of coffee that excites your taste buds. This coffee shop uses craft coffee to make drinks that are sure to impress. The baristas at Uniq Coffee are committed to making drinks that are innovative and tasty. The team at this store also cares deeply about customer satisfaction, so you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable time while at Uniq Coffee.

This coffee shop sources high-quality coffee and tea to create flavors that invigorate you. Uniq Coffee has a varied menu with several beverages, from cold brew to macchiatos to specialty lattes. It also has a selection of tasty snacks if your appetite longs for more than just a cup of coffee.

Well Red

If you’re a fan of coffee and reading, then consider visiting Well Red. Well Red is a coffee shop and bookstore hybrid that’s every coffee and book lover’s dream. This cozy location is lined with bookshelves that you can browse while you wait for your coffee. You can even read while you enjoy your drink. If you enjoy the book as much as you’re bound to enjoy your coffee, you can purchase the book straight from the coffee shop.

Well Red has a simple menu of coffees with several substitutions and add-ons. This location also serves pastries and desserts, such as cinnamon rolls, cookies, and cake. If you’re of age and a wine lover, visit Well Red at night to try its wine bar.

Ross House Coffee

Ross House Coffee is a popular place to grab a caffeinated drink in Auburn. This store used to be a house for college students before the owners renovated it into a coffee shop. The owners kept a lot of the original layout so guests can have space to spread out and enjoy their coffee. This is a common place for students to study and enjoy a cup of coffee, but you can still stop by even if you’re not in college.

Ross House Coffee has an extensive menu of coffees and other beverages, including cafe au lait, Americano, hot chocolate, and blended frozen drinks. You can also stop by to enjoy Ross House’s breakfast or lunch menu.

Ristretto Lounge

Ristretto Lounge is a coffee shop with Japanese and Korean elements, making it a unique place to get some coffee. This location has a clean atmosphere, which is perfect for relaxing, studying, or working on the go. It even has a quiet second floor, so there’s space for plenty of guests to enjoy their coffee and mingle with friends.

This coffee shop offers a large menu of coffee, tea, tea lattes, and signature drinks. Consider trying the shop’s matcha latte or its chamomile tea. Ristretto Lounge even allows you to bring in your own cup for 50 cents off your order. If you’re hungry, try one of the shop’s Korean or Japanese treats, such as bingsu, soboro bread, or red bean buns.

The Bean Coffee Shop

If you’re into the ’70s aesthetic, stop by The Bean Coffee Shop, which has a retro environment with great-tasting coffee. The Bean Coffee Shop focuses on the customer’s experience so they can enjoy their coffee, relax with friends, or study in a cool environment. It also prides itself on family traditions, using recipes passed down from generations of coffee makers.

The Bean Coffee Shop has a coffee, brunch, and dessert menu, making it a shop where everyone can find something they like. Its coffee menu includes a variety of drinks, such as mochas, drip coffee, and smoothies. The brunch and dessert menus offer tasty treats, including waffles, casseroles, and pies.

Mama Mocha’s Coffee

Finally, you can stop at Mama Mocha’s Coffee for a quick cup of coffee. Mama Mocha’s has order and pickup windows for on-the-go customers. This location is great if you want a quick drink while exploring the town of Auburn.

While this coffee shop has a menu of drinks and pastries that you can purchase in Auburn, it also sells coffee beans and grounds by the bag that you can take home and brew yourself. It has a large selection of light, medium, and dark roasts, along with tea leaves and herbs. You can buy coffee beans and grounds in-store, or you can order them online and have them shipped to you.

Coffee lovers or visitors who simply need a caffeine boost can find a drink they love in Auburn, Alabama. From lattes to cold brews and teas to frozen drinks, there’s a cup of coffee for everyone in this vibrant location. Whether you’re visiting Auburn itself or you’re in a nearby location, consider stopping by for the perfect cup of coffee. If you have a local coffee place in Auburn, Alabama, that we missed, please let us know so we can highlight your experience.

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