Service Specials

Four Wheel Alignment Special


Improve your Hyundai’s handling, fuel mileage and treadwear.

– Inspect / Adjust caster, camber & toe if needed
– Inspect suspension & Steering Linkage
– Road Test

*Please see dealer for details

Servicing your Hyundai regularly is an important part of keeping it in top shape. At Hyundai of Auburn in Alabama, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional car services to the community. Our car mechanics have the training they need to ensure your vehicle lasts for years to come. No matter the type of service your Hyundai needs, we’ll talk you through the entire process so you understand what we’re doing to keep your car running as it should. This guide will explain common problems you may experience with your vehicle, how to prevent them, and the solutions we offer.

Common Car Problems

Even a brand-new vehicle can have issues, and despite the high-quality vehicles made by Hyundai, some common problems can occur.

Engine Trouble

Engine knocking, ticking, or cutting out can happen in any car, and they can be concerning issues, especially if you’re driving a brand-new vehicle. Another common engine problem is stalling, which you never want to happen to you when you’re out on the roads around Auburn. You can prevent this by having us inspect your engine often.

Transmission Failure

If your transmission starts to fail, you might have slippage when you shift gears. You may also lose the ability to accelerate when moving off from a light or stop sign. This can be a frustrating and disconcerting issue that warrants further investigation by professionals.

Electrical Issues

Many modern vehicles suffer from electrical issues, some of which can be more serious than others, so it’s important to have any problems resolved as soon as you notice them. Certain electric issues can result in overheating or the engine not turning over when you attempt to start your vehicle. If you experience any electrical issues, you should schedule a service appointment at Hyundai of Auburn immediately.

Brake System Problems

When you step on the brakes, you want your car to stop safely. Unfortunately, some cars develop problems with their antilock braking systems that affect their ability to do so. If you feel your brakes aren’t functioning properly, you can have our service technicians look them over to help prevent an accident.

Defective Air Bags

Hyundai prides itself on making safe vehicles that keep you and your family secure. You’ll find air bags strategically placed in the cabin of your Hyundai, but in rare cases, defective air bags are installed due to manufacturing errors. If this issue affects your Hyundai, there’s a recall that will remedy the problem at no charge to you.

Prevention Strategies

The best way to prevent problems with your Hyundai is to have your vehicle serviced regularly at our dealership. Because our service technicians are highly trained experts in their field, they know exactly how to repair and remedy the most common car issues. Not only can we help prevent car trouble when you schedule your vehicle maintenance as needed, but we can also ensure your vehicle continues to run for many years. We only use original equipment manufacturer parts made to fit your specific vehicle, which helps make repairs and replacements simple and speedy.

Solutions and Repairs

Our Hyundai service savings are only the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is for every customer to have a pleasant visit and leave our car repair shop or auto parts store worry-free. Hyundai of Auburn’s certified technicians are better qualified than general mechanics to perform any Hyundai part replacements or maintenance.

In our service department, we have state-of-the-art tools and equipment that allow us to repair not just Hyundai vehicles but a variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Regardless of what you drive, we can solve your repair issues and get your car back on the road in no time. These are some services we offer:

  • Oil changes: Getting your engine oil changed and the oil filter replaced in your vehicle regularly is the best way to keep the engine lubricated and all its parts moving. This can prevent engine knocking and ticking, which could lead to bigger problems.
  • Brake service: You use your brakes frequently, which wears out the brake pads, rotors, and drums. Having your brake pads changed on schedule ensures they stop you when you need them to and helps extend the life of the other parts in your braking system.
  • Battery testing and replacement: Your car’s battery is vital to its starting, and we can test it for you when you bring it to us. Testing can tell us how well the battery is working and lets us know if it needs replacing.
  • Engine service: Whether or not your check engine light is on, we offer engine servicing to examine the engine’s parts and replace any that are worn or damaged. We’ll also check all the fluids in your vehicle and top off any that need it.
  • Tire replacement, alignment, and rotation: It’s important to maintain your tires, as they’re the only point of contact between your car and the road. At Hyundai of Auburn, we offer an extensive lineup of new tires, and we can perform an alignment to ensure your tires wear evenly. We’ll also rotate your tires regularly to make them last as long as possible.

Service Specials

You’re important to us, and we work hard to maintain your vehicle and keep it performing its best long after you purchase it. To help you save on repairs and services, we offer a rotating selection of Hyundai service specials through our service department. By changing the specials we offer regularly, you can always find a great deal on the services you need for your vehicle. From discounts on oil changes to lower rates for labor, you’ll find affordable prices and top-notch technicians when you bring your car to us.

Why Choose Hyundai of Auburn for Your Car Services?

Hyundai of Auburn is the ideal place to get the car services you need. We go out of our way to provide the best customer service in the area because we want you to come back to us again and again. It’s easy to schedule your maintenance with us, and our waiting area offers water, snacks, and complimentary Wi-Fi you can enjoy while you wait for your car service to finish. While you are here, view the most impressive inventory of any used car dealer in Auburn.