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    Used Vehicles For Sale in Auburn, AL

    Every new car, no matter how amazing, becomes used eventually. Buying a still-recent used vehicle means you don’t face the cost inherent to brand-new models and endure more gradual depreciation. However, those are not the only reasons to buy a used car. Check out why you should shop for a pre-owned vehicle at Hyundai of Auburn.

    7 Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle

    Pre-owned Hyundai vehicles offer several advantages. Here are seven of the biggest reasons to buy a pre-owned vehicle.

    More Value for Your Money

    A used car can be significantly less expensive than a new one, with everything else being the same. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a new car, you might only be able to purchase an entry-level vehicle of the newest Hyundai on your radar. However, if you buy used from one year behind or further, you may be able to afford a higher-equipped trim.

    Reduced Car Value Depreciation

    Once a car has been purchased and driven off the lot, it is no longer new, and immediately loses a portion of its value. Used Hyundai models have a very similar feature set as the latest versions, all while offering a more consistent loan-to-value ratio.

    Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Models

    Certified pre-owned vehicles are covered by warranties just as thorough as those found on a new Hyundai. They also are recently bought and minimally driven. Finally, CPO Hyundai models undergo a rigorous examination to ensure quality, proper maintenance, cleanliness, and more.

    Cheaper Registration Fees

    Registration for a vehicle in Alabama can range from $23 to $890, depending on the vehicle. Age plays a role, and pre-owned cars generally require cheaper fees to register.

    No New Car Costs

    Depending on how you order it, new cars can come with added costs, like delivery fees, the destination charge to prepare the vehicle for sale, and other tasks. With a pre-owned vehicle you choose from a lot, these tasks are already done. Still, be certain you get a used Hyundai from a trusted dealership, or else you are at no less risk of unwelcome fees.

    More Market Variety

    Purchasing a used vehicle necessitates picking between multiple model years besides the current one. You also have the option of traditional used models versus CPO. The specific model you’re after might also offer certified pre-owned vehicle incentives.

    Peace of Mind

    Driving used automobiles used to have a stigma. However, the availability of vehicle history information and rising standards in manufacturing have made used cars better than ever. Drivers may easily view information on a vehicle’s ownership, accident history, title status, mileage, and more until they are confident that the model is right for them.

    With our handy used inventory, you can search for models by Hyundai and other automakers. We make it easy to filter down the results and find what you want.

    Why Get a Used Car at Hyundai of Auburn?

    Hyundai of Auburn is your go-to center for pre-owned cars and SUVs. We connect you with the best pre-owned car specials so you can obtain precisely what you want at the right price. You have a variety of options, which all pass the same standards. Our models are rigorously tested, well-maintained, clean, and road-ready.

    Respect your time and choose the ideal auto shop for your interests. Models in our certified pre-owned inventory are verified by an apex-level multipoint inspection and backed up by a Carfax Vehicle History Report. You’ll also get additional factory-backed powertrain coverage options, no deductible on qualified repairs, 24/7 Roadside Service assistance, and interesting pre-owned special offers.

    How To Get a Used Hyundai

    We help folks around Auburn with many factors of the car buying process.

    Figuring Out a Budget

    Ideally, we can help you determine how much of a deposit and how much of a monthly payment you can afford, so you have a more confident image of what’s possible before you walk inside.

    Manage Your Credit Score

    Knowing your credit score and the finer details of your credit report can help you decide if you’re ready to buy a car, and the score can be used to quote available interest rates. Optimizing your credit and getting the best deal for it will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

    Get a Vehicle History Report

    Many businesses provide car history reports online. You’ll learn about things like accident history and recalls that can help you determine the true worth of the vehicle in question. Just because a car has been in an accident or had a recall service does not necessarily mean it is a bad pick, which is why detailed reports are essential.

    Take a Thorough Test Drive

    Once you’re in the driver’s seat, test the controls and instruments to ensure they’re all in working condition and their systems respond appropriately. Pay special attention to how the vehicle handles and how the brakes respond when driving. Every model is a little different, so you may prefer test driving more. Test each one that interests you on a logical path around the area, testing the types of speeds, road patterns, and braking that your car will experience day to day.

    Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Inventory

    A certified pre-owned automobile provides benefits over other used vehicles. The main appeal of CPO inventories is that the models were usually only leased for one or two terms. You can trust that our CPO Hyundai models will have been serviced at optimal times.

    Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) automobile is a simple way to ensure your choices are in excellent condition. Every Hyundai Certified Pre-Owned car at Hyundai of Auburn offers the following features:

    • Comprehensive warranty coverage.
    • Powertrain warranty coverage.
    • 173-point inspection.
    • Carfax verification.
    • Rental car reimbursement.
    • Roadside assistance.
    • Travel interruption reimbursement.

    We value our customers, and as a result, we have the best collection of used cars in Tuskegee, Opelika, and Auburn locations. Our used car inventory features the Elantra, Accent, Tucson, Sonata, Santa Fe, Veloster, and any Hyundai models to come, plus models from other makes. Visit or contact us today to get finally get the bargain you wanted on a used car.

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