Fun Things to do in Auburn, Alabama

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Auburn, Alabama, has been a center of learning in the state for decades. Many interesting locations have sprung up over the years to entertain and relax its students, residents, and visitors. Let’s zoom in on some of the fun stuff you can do in Auburn.

Chewalca State Park

If relaxation in a natural setting is your goal, Chewalca State Park is your destination. This 696-acre nature preserve and state park includes a 26-acre lake, a campground, a swimming zone, a playground for the kids, and large picnic areas with tables, grills, and sheltered areas. If your love loves nature, consider renting one of their beautiful stone cabins for a romantic weekend away from working life. The hiking and biking trails go on for miles in many directions, so enjoy them at your leisure, but bring a friend. No one should hit the trails alone.

Fishermen will love the lake. It is frequently restocked with bass, crappie, catfish, and bream. You’ll catch a cooler full for sure if you cast your line into those calm, pristine waters. Bird-watchers can expect to spot Brewer’s blackbird, the gorgeous orchard oriole, the bobolink, the rusty blackbird, the red-winged blackbird, the eastern meadowlark, and the brown-headed cowbird, among many other fascinating species. Fans of meditation will love the waterfall and stacked stone gardens, where they can shake off bad vibes and center themselves in peace.

The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

If your idea of a good time involves taking in the beauty of breathtaking artwork and engaging musical history, head to the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. Their musically focused FretHaus exhibit is a collaborative effort zeroed in on the work of the faculty and students of the school of industrial and graphic design. Their unique guitar designs are sure to astonish visitors. Faculty exhibitions are held regularly, each featuring 20 of the best artists the college has to offer. Their areas of expertise include furniture design, textile design, painting, sculpture, filmmaking, collaborative multimedia, and public art.

The permanent art halls include American, Asian, Alabamian, Native American, European, Mexican, and Hispanic forms and styles. Visionary folk artwork, photography in its many historical forms, hand drawings, ceramics, glasswork, and a great deal more can be found in these marvelous spaces. Residents of Opelika and Montgomery, Alabama, will find some of these exhibits particularly interesting. Residents of their cities often have artwork displayed in them.

Jordan-Hare Stadium

You can’t mention fun in Auburn without including the glorious experience that is Auburn football. This is the home stadium of the Auburn Tigers and their beautiful and patriotic eagle mascot Aubie. Many games are played here throughout the season, so you’re sure to be able to find one that will fit your schedule. The main field can be found at 251 S. Donahue Drive in Auburn. Over 75,000 fans pack the stadium for Football Saturdays, taking in the excitement and enjoying the concessions with their family and friends. It is the 10th-largest real grass stadium in the nation, opened in 1939 to boost the agricultural college.

The Southeastern Raptor Center

This is one of the most engaging wildlife sites in not just Auburn or Alabama but the entire southeastern region. The Southeastern Raptor Center is home to the most dangerous, intelligent, and magnificent avian predators alive in America today. An educational program is scheduled regularly before Auburn football games, so if you plan to attend a game, tack this on to your schedule for an even more interesting day. Falcons, eagles, hawks, and many other raptor varieties are available for view during these events and others, but unscheduled visits aren’t available.

The center advances many areas of research, so when you come in to see the birds, you’re supporting a good cause. The primary raptor center research programs are related to diabetes and cancer treatment advancement, graduate research fellowship advancement, and animal health technology advancement. If you’re impressed by the work of the raptor center, consider adopting a raptor and naming it after a loved one. If you find an injured raptor, the center is capable of caring for it properly.

Plainsman Park

If you’re more of a baseball than a football fan, consider a trip to Plainsman Park in Auburn. Grab a drink and a massive sausage dog, have a seat, and watch some of the most intense innings the state of Alabama has to offer. You can also set up a game for yourself and your friends. Just be sure to let the office know that you’re interested in using the space. It has a capacity of 4,096 seats and was judged the best college baseball venue in the United States, so you’re sure to have a positive experience with high crowd intensity. There are 55 regular-season games each year, and 31 are traditionally played at Plainsman Park.

Hickory Dickory Park

If you have children and you want them to experience an Alabamian wonderland of creativity and imagination, drive down to Hickory Dickory Park in Auburn. It is a massive 12,000-square-foot mega playground filled with large colorful play structures. Swings, slides, wooden tractors, sandboxes, mirror areas, and bike and trike areas dot the park. Looping walking paths are available for adults who want to exercise while their kids play. Benches are available for the use of all visitors. Kids love their lookout tower, monkey bars, swings, and climbing ropes. The park is split into a preschool zone and an older kids area. This is a public park, so it cannot be reserved for private functions. It was constructed in 1999 and is maintained with care to this day by volunteers.

Auburn has a lot to offer, whether you’re artistically focused, a nature lover, or a sports fan. Adults and kids alike will love all the city has to offer. If you know of any other fun spots in or around Auburn that our readers might enjoy, please contact us and let us know. We’ll be sure to add it to the list.

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