Best Kid Friendly Activities in Montgomery, AL

April 7th, 2022 by

When you’re looking for some family-friendly fun, it’s important to find activities that interest children and adults. In Montgomery, Alabama, there are several spots that are perfect for families to enjoy together. After gathering your family in your new Hyundai, consider traveling to one of these locations.

Montgomery Zoo

The Montgomery Zoo is a wildlife park that is a great destination for the entire family. The zoo is home to 750 animals that represent 140 native and exotic species. It began as a small community wildlife exhibit in the 1920s before expanding to the 40 acres of land that the zoo now occupies. Located along Coliseum Parkway, this location is about 10 minutes away from downtown Montgomery. During your trip, you can stop at the Overlook cafe for a quick meal before continuing with your wildlife adventures. There are numerous themed exhibits throughout the park that display various species.

You can attend the African goats and llamas exhibit where you can have the chance to feed the animals. You may also attend the petting zoo where you can stand alongside the animals to pet and brush them. At Stingray Bay, you can witness sea life alongside beautiful coral and reefs. The Reptile House is a building that contains different types of reptiles, including snakes and geckos. The Old World Aviary is an immersive experience where you can observe exotic birds fly around, and if you’re lucky, they may even land on your arm or head.

Civil Rights Memorial Center

The Civil Rights Memorial Center is an exciting and informative museum that children and parents might enjoy. Located at 400 Washington Ave. in Montgomery, Alabama, the museum contains details about historical figures, actions, and locations from the Civil Rights Movement. Since its opening in 1989, it teaches individuals of all ages about the movement’s purpose. This affordable destination allows anyone under the age of 18 to get in for free. Throughout your journey in the museum, you can look at artifacts from the movement and watch a 20-minute historical film that shows still images and videos from the movement.

At the end of your trip, you can sign your name on the Wall of Tolerance. To do so, the staff requires that you recite a pledge that involves committing yourself to practicing kindness and compassion in your life every day. Once you complete the pledge, you can sign your name on an electronic pad that displays on a large screen, alongside the names of others who took the same pledge. This family-friendly museum is sure to give you a valuable history lesson while you take part in interactive activities.

Newtopia Fun Park

Newtopia Fun Park is an indoor playground that contains a variety of toys, games, and slides for children to enjoy. Located at 3731 Malcolm Drive in Montgomery, Alabama, this location contains three levels of indoor games that can allow for several hours of amusement. With a total of 13,200 square feet, children are sure to have enough room to release their energy. The indoor playground features a large seesaw, a block building station, and several slides that are perfect for children of all ages. The slides have synthetic leather on top that ensures children are safe while playing.

Children may also take part in group activities, like a four-person wave slide, pyramid obstacles, and challenge courses. There is also a toddler area that contains soft toys and foam platforms. You may attend the walk-in play, which allows families to play in the public space alongside other children and parents. You might prefer the private play option, which provides your family access to the entire location privately. Parents can relax in the cafe area while watching their children play. Parents can also connect their devices to the free Wi-Fi while enjoying a snack or beverage from the food stand.

Alabama Safari Park

At the Alabama Safari Park, you can stay in the comfort of your own vehicle while interacting with a variety of animals. Located in Hope Hull, Alabama, which is about 10 minutes away from Montgomery, you can witness animals from all over the world at this park. You’re able to drive through the park’s three-mile course, where you can observe animals roaming the area freely. You may also purchase food for the animals before starting your journey. Then, roll down the windows and wait for the animals to approach your vehicle.

Be sure to roll down all the windows of your vehicle so that each passenger can experience the excitement of the wildlife. You can watch camels, buffalos, zebras, and kangaroos walk around your car, or even stick their heads in your window. You might also attend the giraffe observatory, where you can come face-to-face with giraffes while on an elevated platform. The 350-acre property also has a petting station where you can exit your car to pet the animals. This is a unique experience that you definitely want to take part in while you’re in Montgomery, Alabama.

Go Karting Montgomery

Consider visiting Go Karting Montgomery to take part in a thrilling experience that the whole family can enjoy. You can choose from a variety of exciting activities. Located on Wares Ferry Road in Montgomery, Alabama, this destination offers go-karts, laser tag, bumper cars, and indoor inflatables. During your visit, be sure to jump in a go-kart to race members of your family.

You can make fast turns and reach high speeds while on the course, then collect your times at the end of the race to see who won. Consider completing several races to see which participant improved their time the most. After go-karting, you might take part in the blacklight mini-golfing experience. You can also take your family on an outdoor rollercoaster called Free Fall.

We hope that you’re able to enjoy these experiences with your family while traveling in Montgomery, Alabama. If you liked one of these locations, call our team at Hyundai of Auburn and let us know!

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